Texas Special Edition Lower Receiver

Press Release, Product Announcement

This Special Edition AR15 Lower Receiver is dedicated to the great state of Texas. Nicknamed the Lone Star State, the star serves as a reminder of the state’s struggle for independence from Mexico. This custom design is showcased on our Gen 2 AR15 Lower Receiver, cutting all the way through the magwell of the receiver. Custom TEXAS engravings and a TX serial number designation make this a truely unique base for your next build.

This is an exclusive offering only available through Aero Precision dealers and is not available on our website. Please contact your local dealer or check out our dealer locator to purchase.

Lower Features

  • Star cut all the way through the magwell of the lower receiver
  • Custom MOD TEXAS engraving
  • Custom serial number designation (Example: TX0001)
  • Gen 2 Aero Precision Lower Receiver with Flared Magwell and Upper Tension Screw