Monolithic strength, free-floated accuracy, aerospace precision, and mission modularity.

The COP Upper Receiver (Continuous Optics Platform) features a custom configured integrated upper receiver and hand guard system. This extremely rigid design allows for symmetrical or asymmetrical rail platforms to accommodate a multitude of optic requirements. The hand guard system allows for a free-floated barrel giving the operator superior performance and accuracy.

Monolithic Upper Receiver

True to its namesake, the Continuous Optics Platform upper receiver is a rigid design allowing you to mount your optics, lasers, and other sighting devices anywhere along the top rail without impediment from delta rings and rail bolt-up systems. This minimizes accuracy issues related to misaligned, loose, or improperly installed rails found from other manufacturers, and gives you the strongest platform available in an AR pattern rifle.

Interchangeable Rail Panels

The COP Upper Receiver boasts removable rail panels at the 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions. Simply unscrew the mounting screws on the side you need to swap, slide out the existing panel and you’re ready to install the rail section you need. This system allows you to easily adjust from a lightweight slab-sided rail, to a mixed combination of our panels to fully accesorize to your mission.

Ergonomic Positioning

Some prefer the magwell grip, and some just need to use it at times. Our stepped thumb ramp lets you gain a contact advantage by giving you a sturdier support hand platform.

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AeroPrecision Upper Receivers