AR15 15" Enhanced PICA-KEY-LOK Handguard - Anodized Black

Aero Precision AR15 15" Enhanced PICA-KEY-LOK Handguard - Anodized Black

AR15 15" Enhanced PICA-KEY-LOK Handguard - Anodized Black Product Sku: APRLF001S

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Pick the best handguard for your next mission. PICA-KEY-LOK.

PICA-KEY-LOK Handguards are now available! Our PICA-KEY-LOK system is a fully adaptable, mission-ready handguard that incorporates the best of Picatinny, KeyMod and M-LOK all into one handguard system. Have a Grip-Pod left over from your clone build? Miscellaneous KeyMod and M-LOK nick-nacs? Slap em’ on and you’re ready to rock. From duty use to casual range time, this visually pleasing and ergonomic handguard gives you MORE options for mounting accessories than any other handguard on the market.

Don't like your current attachment system? No problem! Simply rotate the weapon 90 degrees and open up a whole new world of mounting possibilities.


Because ‘Merica...that’s why. In the ever changing pew pew industry, professionals and armchair warriors need options. We have maximized the use of ALL the things to bring you the most versatile handguard in the AR15 Industry. Can’t decide which system is right for your tacticool build? You don’t have to! Have your five pounds of bacon and eat it, too!

M-LOK: (9 o’clock position) The M-LOK system allows advanced modularity past the current 1913 picatinny rail system. Like it or not, M-LOK is becoming more and more popular with the modern shooting community. Research shows that 9/10 gun bunnies prefer to use M-LOK accessories for their cosmetics at the 9 o’clock position when given a choice. Touch up your makeup and lock and load!

KeyMod: (3 o’clock position) KeyMod remains popular and is going nowhere. The KeyMod system isn't just for building shelves anymore. It’s advanced modularity takes your gun to the next level. Soon to be tagged everywhere on Instagram, this handguard features 14 KeyMod slots. Research shows that a staggering 93% of all KeyMod users prefer to shop at Home Depot at 3 ‘oclock.

Picatinny Rail: The tried and true Picatinny system your Grand Pappy used is featured at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock just to keep it old school. Machined to perfection, these options have been the mainstay of the AR15 community for decades. They are the most robust and stable mounting surface and remain a favorite for campers in both Call of Duty and Battlefield.

PICA-KEY-LOK features:

  • Cross-function mounting multiadaptabilityness
  • Compatible with all the things
  • Potentially likely to increase your ability with a .30 caliber clip to disperse with 30 bullets within half a second
  • Smells like bacon
  • 16-slot bottom picatinny rail (6 o’clock)
  • 14 KeyMod slots on right side (3 o’clock)
  • 7 M-LOK mounting slots on left side (9 o’clock)

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Made In America? Yes
Platform AR15
Series M4E1
Attachment Type N/A
Material Unobtainium
Handguard Length 15"
Finish Anodized Black
Actual Handguard Lengths N/A
Weight(s) A Lot
Other N/A

Customer Reviews

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I've never seen a product as cutting edge as this one. Review by Joey
You'd be a fool not to purchase this handguard
This will take your tacticool rifle to a new level. All while show casing how bi polar you actually are. (Posted on 4/1/2017)
Best rail Aero has to offer. Review by Nick
At first I was torn between the different rail styles, but with the Pica-Key-Lok you get the best of all three worlds in 1! My only complaint is they don't offer an FDE version yet. (Posted on 4/1/2017)
Review by Jason
Funny. I think you guys have to much time on your hands. Clever though. (Posted on 4/1/2017)
If only Review by John
Aero should make this hand guard. Just switch the Key mod to the left side and I would buy one. One would have to be a fool not to want one. (Posted on 4/1/2017)
Out of this world! Review by Martin
I was able to order it 30 minutes ago and it has already been delivered! It goes great with my 10-in-1 caliber chambered barrel. Add to this my favorite, albeit expensive, Glock 7 and it's a match made in heaven! Thanks Aero! (Posted on 4/1/2017)

5 Item(s)

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