M5E1 Enhanced 16" .308 CMV Complete Upper Receiver

Aero Precision M5E1 16" .308 CMV Complete Uppers

M5E1 Enhanced 16" .308 CMV Complete Upper Receiver Product Sku: APPG308534P22

This Complete Upper includes our Gen 2 Enhanced Handguard! Key features include the addition of quick disconnect sling sockets, enhanced milling design for grip and visual appeal and a new profile for the picatinny top rail.


  • M5E1 Assembled Upper Receiver
  • Gen 2 Enhanced Handguard of choice
  • 16" .308 CMV Barrel
  • Low Profile Gas Block and Mid-Length Gas Tube
  • Product comes assembled
  • This complete upper does not include a BCG or Charging Handle. These products may be selected as add-ons under the Finish Your Build tab

M5E1 Upper Features:

  • Forged from 7075 T6 aluminum
  • Precision machined to our specs
  • M4 feedramps
  • Laser engraved T-marks (Anodized only)
  • .2795” takedown pin holes
  • Accepts standard AR .308 components
  • Comes with forward assist and port door installed
  • Handguard mounting platform is forged into the receiver

Gen 2 Enhanced Handguard Features:

  • 1pc free float design
  • Built in anti-rotation tabs
  • Scalloped rails
  • Continuous top rail
  • 1.78" inside diameter fits most muzzle devices and 1.5" suppressors
  • Compatible with low profile gas blocks
  • Gen 2 Feature - Quick disconnect sling socket at the 3, 6 and 9 o’clock positions
  • Gen 2 Feature - Additional milling along flats to aid with gripping and add visual appeal
  • Gen 2 Feature - New profile for the continuous picatinny top rail

16" .308 CMV Barrel Features:

  • Twist: 1 in 10
  • Threading: 5/8 x 24
  • Material: 4150 Crome Moly Vanadium Steel
  • Finish: QPQ corrosion resistant finish both inside and out
  • Gas Block Journal: .750
  • Gast Port: .072
  • Gas System Length: Mid
  • Weight: 36.16oz
  • DPMS Barrel Extension
  • HP and MPI Tested
Made In America? Yes
Platform M5
Series M5E1
Caliber .308 Winchester
Barrel Length 16"
Weight(s) 12" KeyMod: 66.42 oz / 12" M-LOK: 66.42 oz / 12" Quad Rail: - / 15" KeyMod: 68.32 oz / 15" M-LOK: 68.32 oz / 15" Quad Rail: -
Other No

Customer Reviews

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308 Build Review by Mark
I recently completed my 308 build. 16 inch CMV upper assembly with the Aero M5 lower, Aero BCG, and charging handle. Fit and finish was beautiful. I cycled some dummy rounds through the action to verify operation. Everything worked perfectly. I took it to the range today and put the first live rounds through it. These were hand loaded 150 grain. The weapon did not skip a beat. Performed flawlessly. If your looking for an affordable build you won't go wrong with this choice. (Posted on 3/17/2018)
Premium Grade, American-Made Review by Brown
I own several styles of AR rifles from Bravo Company Mfg, Armalite, and of course, Aero Precision. When it came time to start another .308 build, there was no question as to where I would go. The level of quality Aero put into this upper reflects highly on their manufacturing capabilities as well as dedication to producing an American-made product that hearkens back to when we manufactured products with pride. The fit, finish, and overall aesthetics of this upper, in my personal opinion, places them at the premium manufacturing tier. If you are on the fence or skeptical, just click "buy" and get it over with, as it will be money well spent. (Posted on 7/29/2017)
Grade 'A' Zombie Killer Review by Jeffery
This is my build for close to mid-range zombie killing. I have fired at least 500 rds. through my current configuration with zero hiccups. The rifle will run cheap ammo (PMC 147 gn. Bronze) flawlessly but for Zombie destruction I choose Hornady 168 gn. A-Max for those important head-shots. After each Z-Hunt, I thoroughly clean my rifle with Frog Lube and can easily store my assembled rifle in a 36" case.

Current configuration:
-AP Lower, Enhanced LPK, and .308 carbine length buffer assembly.
-AP Complete M5E1 CMV upper, and 15'" Keymod handguard.
-AP Nitride BCG.
-AP Ambi Charging handle.
-Seekins Ambi Selector Lever.
-Troy Ambi Mag release.
-VLTOR Enhanced Modstock.
-Magpul Pro BUIS.
-3 Lb. Velocity Trigger.
-Odin Works Atlas-7 Compensator.
-Atlas Bipod with ADM QD mount.
-Vortex Viper PST 4-16x50 on ADM Scout QD mount.
(Posted on 2/20/2017)
Awesome Review by Steve
This is another quality product in the Aero line. I have a 300 blackout that I previously built with all Aero parts, fits perfectly, never had any issues. I purchased the 308 upper to go with the Aero 308 complete lower they also offer. Excellent fit, functions perfectly. Excellent accuracy paired with my Leupold VX-R 4-12 illuminated. Excellent product. (Posted on 2/8/2017)
Excellent Fit and Finish with Sub MOA Results Review by karhu21
The M5E1 Upper represents an excellent value and mates perfectly with the M5E1 lower I purchased separately. The finish is excellent quality with no visual defects and the handguard has no flex when mounting my Harris bipod. For convenience, I ordered all the parts directly from Aero to build a "light" 8.75 lbs. 16" rifle for hunting. I finished my build with a Magpul CTR stock, Geissele 2GS trigger, and a Kahntrol Solutions HexMod muzzle brake to drastically reduce the recoil. Although I needed only minute-of-dinnerplate accuracy, I was pleasantly surprised to get sub-MOA groups with hand loaded Hornady 168gr. A-MAX bullets on 40 gr. of N350, i.e. 5 shot group on the size of a nickel at 100 yards (with 10-15 mph crosswind), using a Nikon M-308 4-16 scope. I honestly would not have expected this from a non-match grade CMV barrel! However, I felt that the BCG and charging handle could have been included in the price (hence 4 stars), but still this is a great upper for the money. (Posted on 5/23/2016)
Excellent product Review by Cody
Mine just came in on Monday, I was amazed with the quality and the cerakote finish. The upper mounted perfectly to my polymer Warrhogg lower from polymer80.com, it was a tight fit with no wiggle. Tuesday I took it to the range and it functioned beautifully. I ran about 60 rounds of 7.62x51 without a hitch. (Posted on 3/18/2016)
Expectations Review by ryan
I purchased this intending to retire my 6.5 Grendel because 308 ammo is cheaper. My expectation for accuracy was not to equal my Grendel but I did expect somewhere in the realm of 2 minutes. After about 25 rounds to foul the barrel with ZQI 147 gr ball ammo I watched a string go from 4 minutes to just over half. Another 5 round group verified that even with cheap ammo it is capable of outstanding accuracy. This showed me the true value of these uppers as it attains great accuracy, it isn't finicky with ammo and also has a superb price point. (Posted on 11/13/2015)
Excellent Product Review by Kirk
I am thoroughly impressed with Aero and their customer service. I ordered a complete upper assembly in .308 with the 16" barrel, and worked with the customer service rep to have a 15" Keymod hand guard added. Everything with the ordering was exceptionally smooth and easy.

When I received the rifle and assembled it to the complete lower (another review) I was immediately struck by just how tight the components locked up. There were no visible gaps, inconsistencies or other issues. The machining and finish grade of the parts is top notch. The barrel rifling was clean and bright. My BCM Gunfighter charging handle dropped right in and interfaced with the Aero bolt perfectly. The precision of the top rail alignment on the upper to the hand guard makes using optics and rezeroing super easy.

Everything was a bit tight to start, but with some lube and firing the rifle has loosened up perfectly and is running strong. After 20rnds of Federal 7.62x51 for break-in, I cleaned and relubed the rifle, then ran another 100rnds through. Flawless performance with zero failures.

Aero Precision makes quality components that are on par with manufacturers who charge twice as much. (Posted on 10/9/2015)
Excellent for my battle rifle build Review by Tmoney
I purchased this item but with the 16in SS barrel and 13in keymod handguard when it was in stock about 2 months ago. I have had 0 FTF and 0 FTE with this upper while using an Aero Precision BCG and Aero M5 Lower. The only issue I had at first was that the BCG didn't seem to seat all the way unless you used the forward assist and I had a very difficult time charging the rifle. However, about about 100 rounds it broke in well and hasn't been an issue since. I highly recommend getting an enhanced charging handle (either bravo company mod 4/5 or raptor) since the standard charging handle makes is difficult to get a good grip and pull with the heavier .308 BCG and buffer spring. For the price, you can't beat it! (Posted on 8/5/2015)

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